For Job Seekers

Streamline Your Job Search: How River Medical Recruiting, Inc. will help you get the right job!

For the experienced physician or allied health professional, to the recent/pending graduates, River Medical Recruiting, Inc. will find you the perfect job placement.

If you have never worked with a recruiting agency before, consider the following advantages we offer:

Direction and Guidance: Assistance in either a targeted search or a national search. Our knowledge of the marketplace allows us to inform you of the best opportunities that fit your search criteria.

Confidentiality: Direct and discreet access to selected opportunities. Confidentiality is protected and your CV is never marketed or sent to a client without your explicit permission.

Efficiency: Time will not be wasted presenting opportunities that do not match your profile – potential opportunities are carefully matched to your specific interests, needs and desires.

Partnership: Our clients view us partners, an integral part of their search process so we are able to help move you through their process.

Professional Service: Support for all facets of your search, from formatting your CV to leading you through the interview steps and negotiating a contract.

Competitive Edge: Preparation is key to a successful placement. We will work together to achieve a competitive edge for you in the marketplace. We share our experience to provide an advantage over the your competition.

Confidence: Our objective is to find YOU the right opportunity.

Cost: There is no cost to you. Our fees are paid by our clients.

We look to establish long term relationships with candidates and to build rapport, not just a placement. Our future is an intricate part of our present!

Our in depth knowledge of the marketplace allows us to guide you through the job search maze and help you focus on the right opportunity for you. Many opportunities are not advertised and we can help you find them. We have access to hundreds of opportunities nationwide in most medical specialties.

Whether you are a new grad looking for your first position or have been practicing for a while looking to make a change, our mission is to provide you with quality service and never settle for anything less than the perfect fit.

Experience the difference. River Medical Recruiting, Inc. will handle your search with confidence and in confidence.

River Medical Recruiting – Your Bridge to the Future