Interviewing Tips

Interviewing tips

Here are some interviewing techniques that we have found to be helpful over the years. We  hope that they might assist you. A lot of it is common sense; but still, it is helpful to suggest and review them.

1. Please keep in mind that an interview is not a social visit and you should do all that you can to make a great first impression. That is to say, wear your business best (dark suit, conservative colors, freshly pressed white shirt and tie, white or light colored blouse, shined shoes, knee-length skirt and look as if your photo was to be taken for the cover of Time Magazine).
2. Show them that you want the position. That means, show interest and be enthusiastic. If they feel, that if they were to make an offer, they would have a real shot at getting you, then you are more likely viewed as a serious candidate for the position. If you appear to be window-shopping, then they will treat you the same. You can always reject an offer.
3. Indicate that you can do this job. Show the client that what you know, you know very well and that whatever you do not know, you can learn and learn quickly. In other words, be confident without being boastful. Your abilities and experience may determine the salary you get offered.
4. For practicing physicians (Residents and Fellows need to look for a job). Have a good reason for wanting to change. Make them feel that their situation fits a real requirement for your desire to change. You do not want them to feel that you will leave the new facility quickly because something better comes along. Saying, “I want a better opportunity” is not sufficient.
5. Avoid discussion of salary. This is best left for a later date; after you and the prospective employer have had the chance to digest what has taken place on the interview. You do not want to “lock-into” anything monetarily before all the cards are on the table. If the question of money comes up because they bring it up, (and that is the only way it should come up) you should say “The money is open, I am sure that whatever you offer will be fair and equitable.” Feel free to add “I am very interested in this position and I would love to work here. I feel that I can fit in well and can be here for the long run.” Believe me, this approach works.

In closing, please let me summarize the 5 points. Look great. Show interest. Be confident. Have a good reason for wanting to work there. Avoid money, but if you cannot, keep the money open!
Remember, your objective is to try and get an offer. You can never reject an offer you do not receive. We can always diplomatically end things if you do not want the position. Please let them remember you as the doctor they tried to hire; rather then the person that they rejected! You may meet them again in the future.
Finally, the worse feedback we can hear is, “We liked the Doctor; but we are not sure if he liked us.”
Please call after the interview. River Recruiting has an excellent relationship with the client and they will call us for your feedback.

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